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At Phone Medics Plus, our unique open floor plan sets us apart in the repair industry. Unlike other shops where devices are fixed behind closed doors, we conduct all repairs in full view of our customers. This approach fosters transparency, builds trust, and provides peace of mind, allowing you to watch and understand the work being done on your device. Our commitment to openness and integrity not only ensures high-quality service but also helps you feel confident that you’re getting fair value.


Client Testimonials

Claudio is an expert at his craft. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and above all dedicated to helping you get your problems resolved in the most efficient way possible. I went in with a phone charger port issue and left with a working phone and information that can help me take care of my device better in the future. He is the local expert! Definitely cannot recommend him enough!
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Brandon Reavis
This place was great, Claudio was really friendly and professional, and had a quick turnaround on my phone screen repair. When I picked up my phone it worked perfectly, and looked brand new. Claudio also followed up in an email after to check that everything was satisfactory. Seems like a really quality business, I would go back in a heartbeat
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G Smith
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