“Give Back” through Phone Recycling

Phone Medics + PC Now Accepts Cell Phones for Recycling.

At Phone Medics + PC we are committed to doing our part to care for our environment and help our community. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we now accept your used personal electronics for recycling. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, it unfortunately also becomes a bigger portion of our garbage. Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is the fastest growing form of waste in the nation. Many of the components of your phone can be taken out and reused, repurposed, or recycled. That includes your phone’s glass screen, the copper in its wiring, the plastic in its casing, and much more. In fact, electronic devices even have precious metals like gold and silver inside. Recycling your old phone, tablet, or PC helps the environment in a wide variety of ways. Not only does it keep harmful chemicals out of the earth, it also creates massive savings in energy and resources. Despite the many environmental and economic benefits of recycling phones and other electronics, only about 15% of e-waste is recycled every year, leaving the rest of our devices to ultimately find their way into landfills. That’s where Phone Medics + PC comes in. When you bring us your used cell phone, tablet, or laptop, we will recycle it for you. Any components of your device that can be repurposed or reused will be, and the rest will be sold to a local recycling firm. What’s more, all proceeds from the sale of this material will go to the Brevard Humane Society. This means that when you bring us your device you aren’t just getting all of the environmental and economic benefits of recycling, you’re also helping care for animals in our community. So bring your old phone, tablet, or PC to our facility at 91 E. Merritt Island Causeway in Merritt Island today. Do it for the environment. Do it for the economy. Do it for the puppies.

Family Promise of Brevard

Phone Medics + PC is proud to announce that we have partnered with Family Promise of Brevard, to help families in need in our community. We are now accepting donations of used cell phones and late model laptops and PCs for those who are facing the challenge of homelessness in Brevard County.

At Phone Medics + PC, we are committed to serving our community in as many ways as we can. That’s why we’ve partnered with Family Promise of Brevard to help provide a vital resource to families in need here in Brevard County. When you bring your used cell phone or late model PC to our facility at 91 E. Merritt Island Causeway in Merritt Island, we’ll clean it up, fix it up, and let Family Promise put it in the hands of a family who needs it.

Brevard Humane Society

Phone Medics + PC, your trusted providers of phone and PC repair services in Merritt Island, recently announced that we are now a place where you can drop off your used electronics for recycling. As part of that program, we also announced that all proceeds from our sale of recyclable material will be donated to the Brevard Humane Society. We that in mind, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the Brevard Humane Society, and tell you a little bit more about who they are and what they do.

To drop off your personal electronics for recycling, and for all your mobile device and PC repair needs, you can visit Phone Medics + PC at 91 E. Merritt Island Causeway in Merritt Island.